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About TECS-3.0.0

TECS News About TECS-3.0.0


About TECS-3.0.0

Posted By Christian Bürckert

Currently, we are working every day on the new TECS-3.0.0 major release. We try to get it ready by the end of october and so I’m happy to tell you some news about it:

  • Http upgrade – There will be no more direct tcp socket connections. Instead we use the http upgrade headers to upgrade normal http connections into tecs connections. This will simplfify the usage of serivices a lot. Every service will have it’s very unique url starting with http. Also this will give you the possibility to use nginx or apache servers as a proxy and enable the use of encrypted connections.
  • Udp upgrade – TECS-2.0 comes with multicast discovery. TECS-3.0 will give you message-passing and publish-subscribe via multicast.  You can even create fully own udp multicast handlers.
  • Ease-of-Use upgrade – In TECS-3.0 every communication will start with a TECS node. A simple server that allows you to bind services on udp and http or iniates connections to other nodes. Therefore many services can be bound to a single tcp/udp port.
  • Discovery upgrade – There were several issues in TECS-2.0 using discovery. Unified service urls, version discovery and service uuid will make discovery beautiful in future.
  • Smaller changes: BinaryEvent as basetype, event source list, various other http bindings, forger pattern, …
  • Ruby downgrade – There is one bad news. We will drop the support for the programming language ruby 🙁


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