TECS Releases TECS-2.0.0



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After two exhausting hackathons, lots of changes, debugging and testing we are proud to announce the TECS-2.0.0 release. A lot of things have been changed and we hope you find the changes appropriate, useful and easy to understand. TECS is designed to make research in cyber-physical environments easier. All our upgrades are trying reduce communication complexity in CPEs. Please feel free to contact us if you have problems or if you are interested in more details.

  • Publish-Subscribe in Java, C# C++, Python, Ruby
  • Message-Passing in Java, C#, C++, Python
  • Discovery in Java, C#, C++, Python
  • RPC helper in Java, C#, C++
  • Blocking & Nonblocking APIs
  • Web RPC server in Java
  • Optimized tecs-server
  • URIs instead of host/port configurations
  • Factory Classes
  • License CC-BY-NC-4.0
  • Open source repository
  • C++ libtecs for windows

Best Regards
Christian Bürckert, Yannick Körber and Magdalena Kaiser

Written by cfb

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